He told me a funny story about his last analyst -- I forget which of the three it was. [Probably Wilhelm Reich.] He had been talking about his impotency and inadequacy for a long time, and the analyst said, “Well, let’s look at the damn thing.” Fritz was stunned. The guy said, “Let’s look at your penis. That’s what we’ve been talking about, isn’t it? How big is it? How adequate?” Fritz got it out, they looked at it, and it looked adequate. Fritz told me that he was shocked that it was possible to get the “real” out, and when you did that, it killed all the fantasy about it. He said this was the incident that led to his conception of gestalt therapy.

-- Wilson Van Dusen, interviewed in Fritz Perls Here and Now

The patient will come for therapy and then do everything in his power to avoid getting well.

-- Fritz Perls