TROLLS * Book and lyrics by Bill Dyer * Music by Dick DeBenedictis * Directed by Pamela Hall * Actors Playhouse, New York City. 

Among the many gay-sitcom clichés crowbarred into Trolls is the speech listing all the homos in history whose accomplishments should make us proud to be gay. Suffice it to say that the authors of this cringe-making musical will never make that list. A cross-section of stereotypes gathers in a West Hollywood living room to memorialize their saintly friend Boomie and to discuss “Is life gay after 40?” But drinking, cruising, and dishing about movie stars is all these guys seem to do, even after death. Boomie (who shows up with glitter on his shoulders) mentions a heaven-side discussion about the guillotine with Marie Antoinette, who tells him, “I’m not the first queen to lose her head over a basket.” Pathetically directed by Pamela Hall, the cast includes several handsome men with good singing voices who deserve better than Trolls.

The Advocate, June 21, 2005