Cory Daye: CORY AND ME

Cory Daye
(New York International Records)


The unmistakable voice of Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band now has her own album, and it’s a beauty. Cory Daye’s carbonated cartoon-soprano brings to pop music a new vocal sound, one that’s both direct and elusive, girlishly simple and musically sophisticated, sexy without being huff-and-puffy. When Daye makes her entrance in any song, it’s like the sun breaking through a bank of dark clouds. Even the dullest material can’t dampen her appeal, and most of Cory and Me is frothy but fine.

“Green Light” and “Pow Wow” are superb dance tracks, while “Rainy Day Boy,” “Single Again,” and “Wiggle & a giggle All Night” recall the Savannah Band’s delightful retro bounce. Granted, “Gonna have a pow-wow—oh, wow, pass the peace pipe” hits a new low even for disco lyrics. But Joe Delia’s spiffy arrangements and Sandy Linzer’s witty production make all but the LP’s silliest concoctions irresistible. Cory and Me’s zesty, fast-moving programming features frequent and explicit quotes from various R&B-pop oldies – Barbara Lewis’ “Hello Stranger,” Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Goin’ On,” the Cadillacs’ “Speedo,” the Andrews Sisters’ “Rum and Cocoa Cola,” Dr. Buzzard’s “Cherchez La Femme” – and the curious but wonderful effect is of walking down a bustling urban street past people listening to radios all tuned to different stations.

Rolling Stone, November 1979